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Dubbing himself “Jersey’s finest,” Enzo Amore reps the Garden State “like 225 on a barbell, 10 pounds of hair gel, steadily working on his swell.” The realest guy in the room everywhere he goes, Enzo Amore is a straight shooter. He speaks his mind at all times, and at an incredible rate.

Inspired by the bright lights of the New York City skyline, this trash-talking Superstar is equipped with an arsenal of metaphorical verbiage and never shies away from destroying the psyche of his opponents. What the 5’11” Amore lacks in size, he makes up for with his tough guy mentality and reckless abandon. Fitting comfortably in airplanes, roller coasters and telephone booths, Amore often reminds his larger opponents: “The king of the jungle is a lion, not an elephant.”

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“But listen, I get it. Ain’t been eating hard tacos they been filling their throats with S-A-W-F-T SAWFT tacos, bro. I understood what you said.”
– Enzo to Big Cass

“The battery’s dead. Yo Cass. I need ya. You gotta carry me.”
– Enzo to Big Cass

“I’m as fast as a cat, quick as a feline, and I ain’t lying.”
– Enzo on Enzo Amore has a lot to say, WWE Exclusive June 26th 2014

“I’m a Shih Tzu, I’m a Pitbull, I’m a Jack Russell, I’m a Wauzer, I’m a Teacup Chihuahua. But it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog and you’re all bark.”
– Enzo on Enzo Amore has a lot to say, WWE Exclusive June 26th 2014

“I wanna run down a beach into my own arms, but that’s impossible.”
– Enzo to Renee Young

“Don’t tell me how to talk to women, I know everything there is to know about women. (You never had a girlfriend before) Because I refuse to commit myself to failure. Know what I’m doin brother, you treat them like dirt and they stick like mud.”
– Enzo Amore to Big Cass

“You know what I’m getting sick of that and I know you’re going to post it, cause every time I tell you not to you do it anyways. Whatever.”
– Enzo Amore to Big Cass after Carmella disses him after he gets her a tryout

“Put your mind on a treadmill and jog your memory.”
– Enzo to Carmella, NXT Breakdown April 15th 2015

“Don’t ever put them in the same breath as [Frank] Sinatra, you smell the breath it’s lingering in here.”
– Enzo to Cassady, NXT Breakdown April 15th 2015

“My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G, and a bonafide stud and you can’t teach that. And this right here is Big Cass and he’s 7 foot tall and you can’t teach that. And this right here is Carmella, and she’s hot as hell and you can’t teach that. Badaboom, realest guys in the room. How you doin?”
– Enzo Amore, NXT April 15th 2015

“I am smacktalker skywalker,….,spectacular vernacular, the Michael Jordan of jargin, (points to Cass) the big bambino last name damn, first name don’t give a…”
– Enzo Amore, NXT April 15th 2015

“You talkin’ about sweet boy frosted flake Wesley Blake….the Australian kid, I’ll tell you what. He got loose cheeks and every time they speak I hear bowel movements they need to wipe the crap off their lips.”
– Enzo Amore

“Daddy’s gonna bring home the bacon. Gotchu Mel.”
– Enzo Amore to Carmella

“My name is what? My name is who? My name is Enzo Amore.”
– Enzo Amore, NXT Detroit Live Event January 30th 2016

“Bada boom, bada bing, you know the pain we bring.”
– Enzo Amore NXT Detroit Live Event January 30th 2016

“I’m walking outta’ here the same way I walked in, with leopard print and a Chester Cat smile.”
– Enzo Amore NXT Detroit Live Event January 30th 2016

“I am SmackTalker SkyWalker and I got a Micsaber for a hater, and what do you know, we gotta’ coupa’ hata’s.”
– Enzo Amore, RAW Debut April 4th

“I got the gift of gab and the gift of jab and I’ll put that lazy eye right back to work.”
– Enzo Amore, RAW Debut April 4th

“If I had a dime for every time I got knocked down and didn’t get back up, I would have zero dimes!”
– Enzo Amore, RAW Return May 23rd

“At Money in The Bank in Vegas, you two wanna roll the dice against us, we will beat the crap out. Money walks and money talks, you should pay attention.”
– Enzo Amore, Smackdown June 9th

“But that’s not why we’re here today so without further or due, allow me to quote the performing artist Aubrey Graham formerly known as Drake ‘please hold on we’re going home’, and when I get there at least have the decency to leave the porch light on.”
– Enzo Amore, Interview July 14th

“The term ‘do not take this the wrong way’ has a zero percent success rate. So with that being said, The Club, don’t take this the wrong way but you guys ain’t nothin’ but some herbs with insecurities and I know that because I always judge a book by its cover, ’cause I ain’t stupid enough to read that book!”
– Enzo Amore, RAW July 18th

“Without ugly in the world, there’d be no beauty. So Luke Gallows, thanks for your sacrifice.”
– Enzo Amore, RAW July 18th

“Listening to you speak, time passes like a kidney stone. Watching you hold that microphone to your lips and try to process words sometimes it’s like I’m having a conversation on an iPhone and you see those three dots typing and i’m just anticipating and I’m waiting what you’re gonna say, and then you never hit send.”
– Enzo Amore, RAW August 1st


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