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Dubbing himself “Jersey’s finest,” Enzo Amore reps the Garden State “like 225 on a barbell, 10 pounds of hair gel, steadily working on his swell.” The realest guy in the room everywhere he goes, Enzo Amore is a straight shooter. He speaks his mind at all times, and at an incredible rate.

Inspired by the bright lights of the New York City skyline, this trash-talking Superstar is equipped with an arsenal of metaphorical verbiage and never shies away from destroying the psyche of his opponents. What the 5’11” Amore lacks in size, he makes up for with his tough guy mentality and reckless abandon. Fitting comfortably in airplanes, roller coasters and telephone booths, Amore often reminds his larger opponents: “The king of the jungle is a lion, not an elephant.”

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Enzo and Big Cass vs The Social Outcast

Enzo and Bo Dallas start the match. Dallas elbows Enzo in the face. Dallas and Axel take turns beating Enzo down in the corner. Big Cass tags in and takes out both Dallas and Axel. Big Cass and Enzo hit the rocket launcher for the win.

Winners- Enzo and Big Cass

AJ Styles and The Club attack John Cena. Enzo and Big Cass run in to make the save. Cena, Enzo, and Big Cass clear the ring.

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Enzo Amore only has one word to describe the $5 Sonic Boom Box: D-E-licious.


» Gallery: Screen Captures > Youtube Videos > Big Cass introduces Enzo Amore to Sonic’s $5 Sonic Boom Box: Raw, July 4, 2016

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Enzo and Big Cass vs Mitch Walding and Carlos Conti

Big Cass big boots Walding. Enzo goes up top and they hit the rocket launcher for the win.

Winners- Enzo and Big Cass

After the match, The Social Outcast come out on the ramp. They tell Enzo and Big Cass to get out of the ring. Heath Slater tries to get in the ring, but Big Cass boots him in the face. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel decide not to even try.

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Enzo Amore and Big Cass make their way out to a big pop. Enzo and Shane Mcmahon hit J’s and run back and forth together. Enzo and Cass cut promos on the way to the ring and get the “how you doin?!” chants.

Enzo and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillains

More back and forth. They keep Enzo in their corner as Cass looks on now. Gotch gets sent into the corner and English knocked off the apron. Cass gets a hot tag and unloads on both men. He drops the Empire Elbow on English and a big boot to the jaw. Cass with a splash on English and a fallaway slam. Enzo tags in for the Bada Boom and the win.

Winners: Enzo and Cass

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The New Day (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Club vs. The Vaudevillians in a Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Anderson and Kofi starts off this match. Anderson applies a side headlock. Anderson with a shoulder tackle. Both run the ropes and Kofi lands a spinning back elbow for a one count. Anderson drives Kofi to the corner and tags in Gallows. Gallows lands a series of haymakers to the gut of Kofi in the corner. The Club tries to double team Kofi, but their knock down by missile dropkicks from Kofi and Enzo. Enzo tags himself in. Kofi rolls Enzo up for a one count. Kofi applies a waist lock and transitions into a wrist lock. Enzo with a side headlock takedown. Kofi with a side headlock takedown of his own. Both men have a stare off. Enzo reaches for the tag, but Kofi kicks Enzo in the ribs. Enzo tags in Big Cass. Kofi tags in Big E.

Cass knocks Gotch off the ring apron. English tags himself in. Big E drops English with the belly to belly suplex. Big E with a flying splash to English who’s laid flat on the ring apron. A donnie brooke breaks out as all tag teams begin to brawl. Cass clotheslines English over the top rope. Enzo, Big Cass and The New Day have a stare off. English with a boot to the face of Kofi. English stomps on Kofi’s chest in the corner. English places Kofi on the top rope. English tags in Gotch. Gotch with a vicious boot to the shoulder of Kofi. Gotch applies a armbar. Gotch tags in English. Kofi with a jawbreaker to English. Anderson tags himself in. Kofi knocks Gallows off the ring apron. Anderson and Kofi knock each other down with a double clothesline. Kofi tags in Enzo. Enzo with a series of right hands to English.

Gallows lowers the bottom rope and Enzo is sent crashing to the outside. English tags in Gallows. Gallows lands a big boot for a two count. Enzo with a Tornado DDT to Gallows. Anderson and Big Cass are tagged in. Cass clears the ring. Cass tosses Big E to the outside. Big Cass with a bodyslam and follows that up with the Empire Elbow. Big Cass lands a big boot that sends English crashing to the outside. Big Cass launches Enzo in the air with the Rocket Launcher for a two count as Gallows drags Enzo out of the ring. Gotch tags in Kofi. Gotch ducks a Trouble of Paradise from Kofi. Vaudevillains with the Whirling Dervish for a two count. Big E spears Gotch out of the ring. Kofi plants English with a DDT. Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Anderson counters with a Bicycle Kick. The Club plants Kofi with the Magic Killer. Big E gets Anderson in the position for the Big Ending. Big Cass with a big boot that sends Gallows over the top rope. The New Day with the Midnight Hour to pickup the victory.

Winners: The New Day

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Aiden English w/ Simon Gotch vs. Luke Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs. Kofi Kingston w/Big E vs. Big Cass w/Enzo Amore

Gallows kicks Kofi in the gut as the bell rings. Kofi goes for a sunset flip, but Gallows lands a big right hand. Gallows goes for a leg drop, but Kofi rolls out of the way. Cass drops Gallows with a clothesline. Cass body slams English. Cass launches English to the outside. Gallows clotheslines Cass over the top rope. Gallows and English double teams Cass. Gallows and English whips Cass back first to the barricade. New Day and The Club have a stare off and we go to commercial break.

Gallows and English double teams Kofi in the corner. English with a flying boot to the ribs of Kofi. Gallows and English with a double team hip toss for a two count. Cass with a big boot to the face of Gallows. Cass with the Stinger Splash to English in the corner. Gallows rolls Cass out of the ring.

Gallows and Cass exchange back and forth right hands. Cass drops Anderson with a right hand. Kofi with a flying crossbody onto Gallows and Cass on the outside. Gotch tries to attack Kofi from behind, but Big E lays him out. Kofi with the Trouble to Paradise to English to pickup the victory

Winner: Kofi Kingston

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Enzo and Big Cass come out on the ramp. The New Day dances to Enzo and Big Cass’ music in the ring as Enzo and Big Cass enter. Big Cass says this will be their first chance at the WWE tag belts. They are cool, but they will be walking out as tag team champs. Big Cass asks Kingston if he is serious about those Jerry Seinfeld II he is wearing. Enzo intimates that he was with Francesca II last night. The Vaudevillains walk out and Simon Gotch calls everyone in the ring children. Aiden English sings that the new tag champs will be the Vaudevillains. Gallows and Anderson come out and tell everyone to shut up. Gallows says judging from what they just say winning this Sunday is going to be easier than scoring on the New Orleans Saints. Big Cass calls them all SAWFT.

The New Day, Enzo and Big Cass vs The Vaudevillains and The Club

English attempts to monkey flip Kingston, but Kingston lands on his feet. Kingston takes English over with head scissors. Gotch tags in and Kingston back body drops him. Kingston tags in Big E., who spears Gotch. The New Day unicorn stampede Gotch in the corner. Big Cass tosses Enzo into Gotch for a clothesline. Enzo dive off the top and splashes English. Gallows tags in and slams Enzo. The Heels tag in and out working over Enzo. English whips Enzo into the corner, but Enzo explodes out of the corner with a head scissor. Enzo fights and eventually tags in Big Cass, who cleans house. Big Cass splashes English in the corner, but Gotch pulls English out of the ring before Big Cass can hit his big boot. Kingston tags in and jumps clear over the turnbuckle to the outside with a tope con hilo onto the Vaudevillains.

After a short break, Big E. has Simon Gotch in an abdominal stretch. Anderson distracts the referee long enough for Gallows to take Big E. down with a clothesline. The heels work over Big E. in their corner. Gallows misses a standing splash. Big E. tags in Kingston while Gallows tags in Anderson. Kingston hits a springboard clothesline and a jumping clothesline. Kingston hits the boom drop but misses Trouble in Paradise. Kingston hits a top rope frog splash for a two count. Gallows tags himself in as Kingston rolls up Anderson. Gallows hits the ring and kicks Kingston in the chest. Anderson and Gallows hit the magic killer for the pinfall.

Winners- The Vaudevillains and The Club

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AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson open SmackDown with a promo on how they will all win at Money In the Bank. Enzo Amore and Big Cass interrupt, calling them “SAWFT” for a big reaction. Gallows made fun of Enzo for being a former manager at Hooters. Enzo said The Club has been champions on every continent but Antarctica. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day made their way to ringside for commentary.

Enzo and Cass vs. Gallows and Anderson ended after interference from both The Vaudevillains and The New Day. All four teams brawled.


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Enzo Amore & Big Cass have their sights set on one thing at Money in the Bank, and that’s the WWE Tag Team Championships.


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