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Dubbing himself “Jersey’s finest,” Enzo Amore reps the Garden State “like 225 on a barbell, 10 pounds of hair gel, steadily working on his swell.” The realest guy in the room everywhere he goes, Enzo Amore is a straight shooter. He speaks his mind at all times, and at an incredible rate.

Inspired by the bright lights of the New York City skyline, this trash-talking Superstar is equipped with an arsenal of metaphorical verbiage and never shies away from destroying the psyche of his opponents. What the 5’11” Amore lacks in size, he makes up for with his tough guy mentality and reckless abandon. Fitting comfortably in airplanes, roller coasters and telephone booths, Amore often reminds his larger opponents: “The king of the jungle is a lion, not an elephant.”

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Team Raw (Enzo & Big Cass, The New Day, The Shining Stars, Sheamus & Cesaro and The Club) vs. Team SmackDown Live (Rhyno & Heath Slater, The Usos, American Alpha, Breezango and The Hype Bro’s) in a Traditional Survivor Series Match

Big E and Fandango starts things off. Fandango hands out fashion violations at all of the competitors. The New Day with the Midnight Hour. Breezango are officially eliminated. Jimmy SuperKick’s Kofi Kingston. The New Day is officially eliminated. Jimmy and Luke Gallows are now in the ring. Gallows uppercuts Jimmy. Big Cass tags himself in. Big Cass drives his knee to the midsection of Jimmy. Epico tags himself in. Epico applies a wrist lock. Jimmy responds with a vicious forearm. Jimmy tags in Ryder. Ryder with a flapjack to Epico. Ryder tags in Mojo. Mojo with a chop across the head of Epico. Mojo with a shoulder block to Epico. Epico with a basement dropkick to Mojo. The Shining Stars double teams Mojo. Primo tags in Gallows. Gallows with a body avalanche to Mojo. Gallows tags in Anderson. Mojo and Anderson are knokced down with a double crossbody. Mojo tags in Ryder.

Ryder with a double knee strike to Anderson. Ryder follows that up with a missile dropkick. Ryder with a series of forearms to Anderson in the corner. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot, but Anderson rolls out of the ring. Ryder with a wrecking ball dropkick to Gallows. The Club connects with the Magic Killer. The Hype Bro’s are officially eliminated. American Alpha with dropkicks in stereo to Anderson.

Gallows tags in Sheamus. Sheamus stomps on Gable chest in the corner. Epico with a slingshot elbow drop for a two count. Epico with a clubbing blows to the chest of Gable. Epico applies a rear chin lock. Epico connects with a back suplex. Epico follows that up with a german suplex. Epico continues the onslaught with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Epico tags in Primo. Primo with a springboard double axehandle. Gable gets Primo tied in the tree of woe. American Alpha with a Avalanche Bulldog to Primo. The Shining Stars are officially eliminated.

A Donnie Brooke ensues as the six remaining tag teams bralw in the middle of the ring. Jordan whips Sheamus back first into the barricade. Rhyno and Slater begin to brawl with Enzo and Cass in the ring. Cass launches Enzo onto The Club and The Usos on the outside. Big Cass with a running boot that sends him and Rhyno crashing to the outside. Slater with a stage dive off the top rope. Jordan with a belly to belly suplex to Sheamus. Cesaro gets Jordan in position for the Cesaro Swing. Gable with a snap german suplex to Cesaro. Jordan launches Gable onto The Usos, The Club and Rhyno on the outside. The Club drops Jordan with the Magic Killer.

The American Alpha are officially eliminated. Sheamus with a series of right hands to Slater. Sheamus refuses to tag in his partners. Slater sends Sheamus shoulder first into the steel ring post. Gallows bodyslams Slater. Gallows with a series of elbow drops to Slater. Gallows accidentally knocks Enzo off the ring apron. Slater tags in Rhyno. Rhyno GORES Gallows. The Club is officially eliminated. Big Cass comes in and knocks Rhyno down with a running boot. Big Cass with a big boot that knocks Slater off the ring apron. Heath Slater and Rhyno are officially eliminated. The Usos SuperKick’s Big Cass. Jey with a Samoan Splash to Enzo.

Enzo and Big Cass are officially eliminated. Sheamus goes for a Brouge Kick, but Jey ducks out of the way. Jey SuperKick’s Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus connects with a White Noise off the second rope for a two count. Cesaro with a double stomp to the back of Jey Uso. Cesaro brings Jey Uso upon the uppercut party. Cesaro with a 619 to Jey. Cesaro with a running uppercut to Jimmy on the outside. Cesaro with a springboard european uppercut to Jey for a two count. Cesaro gets Jey in the Cesaro Swing. Sheamus distracts the referee from behind. Jimmy chopblocks Cesaro. Jimmy with a suicide dive to Sheamus on the outside. Jey gets Cesaro in the Tequila Sunrise. Jimmy sets up for a Superkick, but Sheamus counters with a Brouge Kick. Cesaro gets Jey in the Sharpshooter and Jey taps out.

Winner: Team RAW via Submission (Cesaro & Sheamus are the Sole Survivors)

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